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The Stand Project is proud to present Practical Parenting, an honest, open, interactive conversation for parents of High School students. Led by licensed Syntero clinicians, Practical Parenting is a safe, informal, and confidential environment where you can openly ask the questions you want answered. 

  • How do I know if my child is using substances? What should I look for? 
  • What kinds of substances are kids confronted with at this age?
  • What are some rules I can setup surrounding driving and rides?
  • Should I drug test or not?
  • Should I check phone texts or not?
  • How do I share information with another parent without “outing” my child?
  • How do I have confrontational conversations with my child?
  • When should I consider professional help?

Keep in mind this is the same content that will have been presented earlier this week during the morning session; we are simply having another session for parents unable to attend the morning session.

WHERE: UAPL (across from Tremont Center) - Little Theater (downstairs)