10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

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When teens are unhappy and can’t find a healthy outlet for their frustration or a trusted confidant, they may turn to chemicals for solace. The often rough teenage years can take an emotional toll on children, sometimes even causing depression, so when teens are given a chance to take something to make them feel better, many can’t resist.

For example, some teens abuse prescription medicine to manage stress or regulate their lives. Sometimes they abuse prescription stimulants (used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) to provide additional energy and the ability to focus when they’re studying or taking tests. Others are abusing prescription pain relievers and tranquilizers to cope with academic, social or emotional stress.*

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*Source: Partnership for Drug-free Kids
**Source: Prevention Action AllianceProject Aware Ohio

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1. Value Yourself

Treating yourself with kindness and respect is paramount. Do you talk to yourself the way you would a friend? If not, you should. Practice self-compassion, not self-sabotage. How? By practicing kindness, common humanity and mindfulness.

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Treat yourself as you’d treat a good friend.